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09 January 2008 @ 07:02 pm
one hour porn!  
It's been a long time since I posted in this journal! But I did swtjemz's one-hour challenge, based on these pictures of Ryo. Shockingly, it's over 1,000 words, and finished.
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Ryo’s been on an exercise kick lately, to say the least. On the other hand, Yamapi’s been a little bit lazy between concerts and rehearsals and the like, spending all of his free time with Jin.

Mostly in bed. Naked.

So when Ryo suggests that they go on a morning run together, Yamapi readily agrees. Ryo’s been looking more and more toned lately, and Yamapi hates to lose, after all.

“Why can’t we spend the night together,” Jin whines into Yamapi’s neck between kisses, causing the latter to tremble as Jin slides a hand down to Yamapi’s thigh. “I think we should spend the night together, don’t you?”

Yamapi laughs, pushing Jin’s hand away gently, suppressing the constant urge to rip off Jin’s clothes. “If I spend another minute with you, we’ll end up having sex and spending the night and waking up late in the morning for more sex, and I’ll never get to go running with Ryo.”

“That doesn’t sound half bad to me,” Jin grumbles, but he manages to drag himself out the door after a heated kiss.


“Can you keep up?” Ryo smirks the next morning, eyeing Yamapi’s slim arms as the younger stretches in his white tank top.

“Can you?” Yamapi bites back playfully, eyes lingering on the curvature of Ryo’s muscle a little too long.

The pace is nice, in the end, fast enough that they can feel it, and slow enough to keep bits of conversation going here and there. But by the end, they’re sweaty and tired as they make their way up the stairs to Ryo’s apartment, desperate for some water.

Once inside, Ryo tosses a bottle of water from the fridge to Yamapi before seizing one for himself. It’s nice, this friendship between men, Yamapi thinks. Doing manly things like running, he wants to work it into his usual routine. Ryo is taking off his t-shirt, suddenly, and Yamapi can’t help but think that he’d like to work that into his routine too. Ryo’s skin is glistening with a layer of sweat, and his chest is smooth and toned and—

He realizes that Ryo’s caught him staring. The older man smirks. “I know, sexy, right?”

“Shut up,” Yamapi says feeling his face heat a bit, chucking the empty bottle at him. He misses.

“The sexiest,” Ryo corrects, crossing the room and pulling Yamapi’s tank top over his head.

It takes Yamapi about thirty-seven seconds to comprehend what’s going on and by that time, Ryo’s pulled down Yamapi’s sweatpants, too. “Ryo-chan-” he starts, pushing at Ryo’s arm. Ryo’s sweaty, tanned, muscular arm.

Ryo’s hands finds Yamapi’s, taking it and boldly sliding Yamapi’s palm over Ryo’s chest, over nipples and firm pectorals down to his chiseled abdomen, and all that skin is hot, hot hot and Yamapi swallows.

“You want it,” Ryo says for him. “You want me, don’t lie.”

Wet and sweaty have always equaled sexy for Yamapi. Jin knows this well, never bothering to dry himself off after showers when Yamapi’s around. Yamapi wonders why Jin even bothers taking showers, if they’re just going to get hot and bothered afterwards, but what sticks in his head is Jin, Jin, Jin and Yamapi takes a step back. “I’m with-”

“Jin will think it’s sexy,” Ryo says reasonably, and Yamapi can’t find words to argue.

“If you’re going to do it, then we’ll do it properly,” he says finally, his other hand working its way down into Ryo’s shorts, just brushing against Ryo’s hard cock. Ryo’s hips jerk upwards reflexively, and that makes Yamapi smirk. He wraps his fingers around the base and strokes, and Ryo’s breath shortens before he gets a hard look in his eyes, seemingly with all intent to wipe the smirk off Yamapi’s face. He manages to steer Yamapi backwards to the side of the couch, where the back of his knees meet leather and Yamapi crashes backwards, all akimbo and sweaty and hot, and Ryo rips off Yamapi’s underwear with shocking speed before pressing down against him, lips connecting in a fierce kiss. It’s all elevated by the fact that they’re already shining with sweat, that they’re already burning each other’s skin. They break apart when Ryo feels the side of Yamapi’s mouth turn up in a smirk, again.

“I think you ripped them,” Yamapi laughs, eyes averted to where Ryo’s discarded his underwear.

“Shut up,” Ryo returns impatiently, leaning heavily on Yamapi’s chest as he takes off the rest of his clothing, before readjusting himself so that their cocks are aligned. Yamapi pushes his hips up just as Ryo grinds down, and the friction is so good and they both moan in unison, a harmony that they would normally grimace at, but in this context, it’s musical. Hands slide everywhere between their bodies as they keep grinding, and it’s good, hot and sweaty and slick, but not enough.

“More, more,” Yamapi breathes. “Can’t you do better than this?”

Ryo stills before pushing himself up, off of Yamapi. “Fuck me,” he says quietly, and Yamapi’s eyes grow larger.


Ryo digs in the crack of the couch cushions, producing lube and a condom. He flips the cap up and smears the slick fluid over Yamapi’s fingers as the younger sits up. “I’m ready.”

Yamapi looks at his hand for a moment; it’s a shocking turn of events. Ryo laughs. “As if,” he says, seizing Yamapi’s hand and guiding it to Yamapi’s entrance.

Yamapi laughs, but he’s pleased, all the same. Games and teasing and banter make the two of them who they are, and he wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. He prepares himself because he wants it, he wants Ryo in him, pressing into him fast and hard, so he speeds up, eyes closed, two fingers inside now, moaning because he can almost imagine it.

The sounds, they’re almost too much for Ryo. He smears the lubricant on his own fingers now, removing Yamapi’s hand and giving himself a turn, scissoring and stretching. It’s already tight and hot, and Ryo grows more impatient by the second. Three fingers in, Yamapi seems to be sharing the same sentiments, writhing and beginning to whine. Now, now, now, he’s saying with both mouth and body, and Ryo sees no reason to argue. He doesn’t waste time as he rolls on the condom and slicks that too, and before he knows it, he’s pushing in slowly, so slowly as he watches Yamapi’s face, watching him. Yamapi’s eyes are open and serious until Ryo is all the way in- then they close as his brow wrinkles in discomfort, and Ryo has to tell himself to wait, wait wait wait just a little longer for Yamapi to be ready.

“Okay,” Yamapi says shakily, eyes opening slowly, breathing deeply. Ryo pulls out and pushes in again, but too fast, too hard for the second time and Yamapi cries out, a sharp sound and makes Ryo stop.

“Sorry, sorry,” Yamapi is saying now, and Ryo can’t seem to find words at all. “Okay. Okay.”

They don’t need words in the end, though, as Ryo moves in and out, and Yamapi is ready for it now, really wanting it now, enough for him to wrap his legs around Ryo’s waist and pull him in tighter, closer, hotter. “Yes,” Yamapi nearly hisses as Ryo groans, and the sounds are louder now, the sound of Ryo pressing in and Yamapi pushing back seemingly echoing throughout the room, the sounds of Yamapi’s cries of pleasure now, and Ryo’s moans of fulfillment because Yamapi is so, so impossibly and wonderfully tight and then they connect.

They connect when Ryo hits that one spot in Yamapi that makes him scream Ryo’s name, that place that makes them feel like the pieces in a two-piece jigsaw puzzle, and Ryo hits it again and again and again, completing the puzzle over and over again until he feels himself ready to come. It’s then that he puts a shaky, sweaty hand on Yamapi’s cock and Yamapi gives a wordless cry, musical and ringing, and Ryo thrusts again and one more time while stroking faster than he knew he could—

And Yamapi comes, spilling himself into Ryo’s hand, hot, so hot and thick, and Ryo comes inside of Yamapi, gasping because there isn’t enough air in Ryo’s small apartment. But there wouldn’t be enough air anywhere for this moment.

Yamapi is looking up at him, lazy smile plastered across his face, hair dripping ten times more than it was after their run, and Ryo leans on top of him once again, pressing a slow kiss to that smiling mouth. He doesn’t pull out, because that would break the connection and he isn’t ready for that yet.

He isn’t ready to let Yamapi go back to Jin.

Yuxiyuxo on January 10th, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)

this is me crying, and pretending not to be here, but crying


and ;____________; iluiluiluiluiluiluiluiluiluiluiluiluiluilusm thank you thank you thank you
Hengeshichihenge on January 10th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)
Wow. A+. You packed a lot of emotions into that and I loved the pace~~!
my wings don't exist: news - ryopitinyangl on January 10th, 2008 03:45 am (UTC)
SHIT. Victoria. THAT WAS AWESOME. a;lskdfjalskdfj SO THAT'S WHAT YOU MEANT BY TWIST ENDING. Oh Ryo. My heart breaks for you.
Ema Jayakathesia on January 10th, 2008 04:01 am (UTC)
Oh Ryo!! *sobs*

I fight a constant battle between my love for Pin & RyoPi and you write both really, really well! This was so hot! Gnaaarghhh...
Hot sicka than y0' average: NewS - :Oswtjemz on January 10th, 2008 04:01 am (UTC)
50 lemons worth of vitamin c: je news yamapi stare / jisatsu_musikologie on January 10th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
This is beautiful. It's so sexy and hot and yet there's a small undercurrent of sadness because.... Jiiiiiiiiiiin.

So good.
La: ryo couchpashoshi on January 10th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
...I agree with your tag. Yes.
anamuananamuan on January 10th, 2008 04:28 am (UTC)
KAFJLAFJ;LAGL *_________________*

Ryo is taking off his t-shirt, suddenly, and Yamapi can’t help but think that he’d like to work that into his routine too.

they’re already shining with sweat, that they’re already burning each other’s skin.
nice concept. what a lovely idea.

Now, now, now, he’s saying with both mouth and body, and Ryo sees no reason to argue.
(no, i have nothing to add)

He doesn’t pull out, because that would break the connection and he isn’t ready for that yet.

He isn’t ready to let Yamapi go back to Jin.

sanctified_x on January 10th, 2008 06:51 am (UTC)
My porn quota thanks you kindly...
カト。potter on January 10th, 2008 12:02 pm (UTC)
Oh man, this was amazing. *_* *_* *_*
美味しんぼ: Ryo | don't let me let you go4_03_am on January 10th, 2008 01:34 pm (UTC)
This. This was lovely. Everything was so hot and just unghs;dak;lskd;alk. But, God, your surprise ending. ;___________; Oh, Ryo.

I loved this. ♥_♥
Def Leopard's one-armed drummer: hips are nicebloodybrilliant on January 12th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
asdfLKSDJFLSDKFJSLDKFJ OH! This is WONDERFUL!!!! Just HOT and all the SENSATIONS and EMOTIONS and alsdkfjasdlfkj OH RYO. ;_;

I'm a sucker for a pining/one-sided Ryo. Even though it makes my heart all hurty. ksldjflasdkfjalsdkfjasdlkj
in our uniqueness, we are all the same: ryo boao spreadmujun on January 22nd, 2008 12:54 am (UTC)
Hot and sexy but with emotional DEPTH and beautiful because of it. Awesome.
laruku05laruku05 on January 22nd, 2008 10:30 am (UTC)
how is this possible...it was hot and sad at the same time 0_o but oh so good ^_^ <3
Gaesis: Bad Jingaesis on January 25th, 2009 07:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks for friending me!

This was very well written. I don't think my pron worked out to be this good T_T. This was very hot and I've never actually read Ryo/Pi but I liked it. ^_^